Veronica Beard's Slash Campaign features Carolyn Murphy, a woman I've long admired for her beauty and spirit. I truly think she is the most beautiful female specimen in the world - inside and out. She possess that je ne sais quoi some people just exude - the woman that can master a wet-suit or ballgown and look unapologetically phenomenal. The campaign Veronica Beard launched is designed to "celebrat[e] the confident, versatile, humorous and passionate women that inspire us by highlighting the sides of their personalities that make them unique." Photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank in Montauk, I think this is a brilliant collaboration that will not only champion women but burnish the Veronica Beard brand. I can't wait to see more!  

See here to view the video & shop Carolyn's look.

slash campaign.jpg
slash campagin 2.jpg