Table for 1

The art of eating alone. Or shall I say, the importance of eating alone. I once went to my favorite restaurant in Mill Valley routinely after my trail runs on Mt. Tam to perch at the bar, have a glass of vino and the special of the day. It was an opportunity to seduce myself with good food and a clear mind. A friend expressed how she thought that was plain odd - indicating that she could never do such a thing. I must say, I think it's incredibly necessary for every male and female to be able to dine alone in public. I was reminded of this the other evening when I went for dinner by myself. Just as yoga feeds the soul, a proper glass of cabernet, white tablecloth and a little solo romance can go a long way. Ponder your life away, or simply stop to smell the (table) rose(s). It's certainly an independent, rather bold act, but one I consider nourishing and necessary... Bon Appétit !