Romance.... in a website

For a long time, I've had a love affair with the story of Il Pellicano. After all, my "C&C Influencer" is the hotel's CEO and Creative Director. I've followed the Italian hotel's journey for quite some time and with a recent visit to their website, I was again bewitched by the romance and allure incredibly palpable even in the digital form. Each description is its own feast of jet-set, the next word more magnificent and colorful than the other. Words you want to lap up with a spoon and revisit again.

 I have never personally stayed at the hotel, (although it might just be a stop on our honeymoon), but even a visit to their website is an experience worth savoring. The verbiage is poetic, whimsical and intoxicating, as if you were right there, living each moment with a dazzling smirk, aperol spritz in hand and the glittering sea in the near distance. The imagery is just as spectacular. I encourage you to get lost in the magic that is Il Pellicano.