The Edited Eye

It's been a busy week for C&C with an impending photoshoot with House Beautiful for a beloved client and in the full summer swing of other client initiatives. I'm spending a great deal of time with my clients working on projects that center around content creation. Writing blogs, creative direction for videography, sourcing photography, and strategically designing content calendars....original content is paramount to any brand serious about their growth! 

Below is a montage of images I helped creatively direct for a shoot capturing a new construction project in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Even the raw elements of building can be pleasing to the eye...and it doesn't have to be uber high-end! It's all about presentation and that edited eye! It was important that this developer invest in photography to showcase the progress of this project as it marked a turning point in his development style. It was a slight departure from his usual methodology and we are so pleased with the outcome. 

Thank you, Melissa Quintal Photography for sharing your talent behind the lens. 

Jamestown Landing Montage (1).png