Perfectly Petit

My last meal in San Francisco, after a week on the west coast, was at Petit Crenn. It was a lovely way to round out a wonderful time spent mostly with my dear friend, one whom I had lived in San Francisco with for four years. We had visited Petit Crenn previously, and I especially loved the sentiment of returning, years later as our lives have grow respectively since our shared adventure as room mates.

We saddled up at the bar with a glass of wine, which in my opinion is the best seat in the house, as you’re front and center with the chefs preparing the meals. You truly capture insight into the kitchen process, the sacredness of the ingredients, and the true essence of the whole scene…one that fascinates me and makes the experience of dining that much more enjoyable.

We both had the Mt. Lassen Trout, brilliantly and seductively roasted over a wood-fired grill, served with roasted beets, spring onion and walnut. The menu is always sensational, which can make the selection process challenging (in a good way!).

I highly recommend this little gem in Hayes Valley. To see more, visit SF EATER or find the celebratory chef Dominique Crenn on Netfix’s Chef’s Table.

Image via SF Eater, no copyright infringement is intended.

Image via SF Eater, no copyright infringement is intended.