It's All Happening

The C&C summer is in full swing. While it’s very much been full throttle in and out of the office (I thrive on chaos!), there have also been necessary moments for pause along the way. We’ve buttoned up several initiatives that will soon advance to new phases and scopes of work. New endeavors are on the horizon for fall & winter. It’s all happening at every angle! Yet, each milestone is a moment for reflection and celebration. They are also opportunities to re-energize creatively. I’m doing my best to do just that. I’m trying to harness my inner book worm by reading Bunny Mellon: The Life of an American Style Legend (am I the last person to read this book?!), carve out time to visit my favorite farm stands and putter around in the garden.

So while I do my darnedest to take a breath and let the good times roll both professionally and personally, I invite you to join me. Life is short, summer is delicious…make it #candcapproved.

Here’s to creativity and squeezing the juice out of summer!