A beautiful "orphanage of things"

When you learn that Peter Hone has spent his career as a museum guard, antiques dealer and expert plaster caster, his world, as illustrated above, begins to make sense.

Peter Hone's home in Notting Hill is an absolute treasure chest of stone urns, neoclassical marble busts, Roman and Greek statuettes and 19th-century antiquities. It is a romantic feast for the eyes and soul. Commanding the center of his main living space is a cabana-striped circular table, one you might find in a parlor in Palm Beach or Cannes, breathing life into a room full of elegant objects.  These objects he refers to as an "orphanage of things" transcribed in a piece written by Christie's in October 2016. This collection - the orphanage - is rather fitting, as Peter was once an orphan himself. As the Christie's piece notes, Peter is drawn to pieces with unusual stories, nurturing those that have been "left to stew" from a distant past. Dare I say, but in my ways, I identify with Peter's need to nurture and collect.

The Peter Hone Collection was offered as part of the Interiors sale on 26 October at Christie’s South Kensington. Browse all lots from the sale here and be certain to read the magnificent piece by Christie's here

Brass on the Brain

Brass Knot_One Kings Lane_Design I've developed an affinity with brass - yes, that yellow alloy of copper and zinc. I find the metal rather unique as it can make a strong statement in even the simplest form. It can also lend to particularly modern aesthetics, or, equally, more traditional pieces. Brass evokes its own glamour without much exertion or force. Above, a 6" brass knot via One Kings Lane, a fun objet for the home. Also loving this tiny "c table" from CB2.

A Pool Pavilion

pool pavilion_ Carl D'Aquino_Francine MonacoHow fun is this pool pavilion? Looks like the perfect room for an evening soiree. I can see it now: Candlelight dancing against the floor to ceiling windows and mirrored wall, guests glittering in their cocktail attire enjoying caipirinhas and chatter. The room would be alive with cuban swing and jazz with all the possibilities for a mischievous evening or for the tame party goers, simply new friendships...

Intrigue in Ibiza

AD1 AD2 AD3 AD4 AD5AD6AD8It feels naughty to dream about vacation when you're ON vacation, but alas, I can't help but be intrigued by the above property. The home belongs to Luis Galliussi, and although I can't speak a lick of Spanish, by the looks of the online editorial, he lives my kind of lifestyle. See more in Architectural Digest España.