On Repeat...

alabamashakesAre you ever alone and you turn on "that song" that completely transforms your mood? You know, that song you turn on at max volume, sing along to and very quickly find yourself getting loose, in both mind and body. You'll think about teleporting in that moment to a particular place that sets you free. My song as of late is "Always Alright" by Alabama Shakes. Lead singer-guitarist Brittany Howard's soulful, deep, vocals bring me to a raw and authentic place. I saw them perform in New Orleans in May and would see them again in a heartbeat. Their 2012 album (above) is excellent in addition to the single release of "Always Alright".

Get Lost in the Music

DaftPunk_M le MondeI've found myself in a very contemplative state the past few days reflecting on personal goals, friendships, travel and pretty much every component of my young adult hood. (I've been told this is normal?) Music has always comforted me and forced me to find perspective. I find myself drawn to it more and more. Whether it's the sound of The Wailers, Bruce Hornsby, Stevie Wonder or new artists I have on repeat via my Spotify account, they seem to do the trick. Above, model Saskia de Brauw with the sensational musical duo Daft Punk shot by Peter Lindbergh. The spread was featured in the December 7th issue of French publication M le Monde. See more photographs here.