Walter Isaacson

'The Women Tech Forgot'

innovatorsPicture 16Walter Isaacson's new book 'The Innovators' (excerpt above) helps unpack some of the most profound inventions in the technology sector and how a majority of these innovations were made by groups of people rather than one sole figure. Further, he discusses how many women who contributed to these discoveries have been erased from the history of such inventions. One woman he credits to the evolution of technology is Ada Lovelace, the English mathematician known for her ability to create the first algorithm to be carried out on a machine. (The English major in me will also reveal that Ada was the daughter of poet Lord Byron). According to the NYTimes, just 0.4 percent of female high school freshmen plan to major in computer science this year. At Google, 83 percent of the engineering department is made up of men, and at Apple, male tech employees make up for 80 percent of the workforce. These statistics are often masked by overwhelming press covering Marissa Mayer's post as CEO of Yahoo, or the watchful eye on Meg Whitman, Chairman, CEO & President of HP. Tech may not forget these particular women, but they are still part of the statistic.