oracle-team-usa-warms-up-as-the-morning-fog-begins-to-break-upthe-view-from-a-helicopterThe past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind.  Inevitably, I have to address the MAJOR victory (and serious comeback) team Oracle scored at the America's Cup. The Cup was a thrilling time here in San Francisco. Lifelong friends from Newport, New York, Boston and New Orleans came into town to cheer on our sailing friends while we caught up on each other's lives. A plethora of Bloody Mary's were consumed at the yacht club as we marveled over the AC72s foiling past us and needless to say, productivity at work was at an alarmingly low rate. I'm looking forward to catching up on my sleep this week but can't help grin and think: this is what it's all about. There is so much to enjoy in life and the past few weeks are certainly exemplary of that. I feel so fortunate to have the best of friends and the ability to enjoy their company in such a beautiful landscape.
After the overwhelming victory last Wednesday, we went to see The Lumineers play. Here is a little clip from what was a magical night of music under the stars. In the middle of the show, the band left the stage to play a few songs in the center of the crowd, it was very special.

A shout out to all my friends here and afar - you guys rock. Life wouldn't be so lovely without you!

Photos above via Business Insider.