She's Bacccckkkkkk

CKBMy ears are still humming with the delightful news that the one and only CKB will be re-launching CK Bradley in the form of "Camilla Bradley". It was just yesterday that I walked all the way to the local cobbler in the pouring rain for a last-resort effort in hope that they could fix the zipper on my CKB ditty bag (see here). The cosmetic bag I've had for years has accompanied me on countless travel adventures, regatta road trips and weekend escapades. I can't picture life without it. And the CKB cocktail dresses, belts, totes and skirts...well, that's a whole other list of mischievous memories. My first summer in college I "interned" for Camilla, which was one of the most colorful times in my life (literally and figuratively). Although I did learn a great deal about "da business", I learned a few life lessons from CKB:

  1. How to whip up the most delicious yet lethal cocktail party punch
  2. How to master the game of strip twister, as puppies are barking and pet birds are flocking about in the living room while belting out the lyrics to "Call On Me"
  3. How to start a blender with a.....chainsaw.
  4. How to create a photo shoot anywhere, at any time, with anyone. Creative incentives for eager participants always help.
  5. A retro onesie ski suit never goes out of fashion.
  6. It is possible to "one-up" any guy with your athletic equipment, cars and toys.
  7. Don't taunt CKB with parsely....or do.
  8. When in doubt, don't be doubtful.

Congratulations to my friend, mentor and inspiration, Camilla, for carrying on your vision. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!