Do the Toggle!

SaintLaurent_Toggle_I'm headed home this evening and cannot wait to embrace fall, friends and family amidst a blanket of crisp New England weather for the next week. I loved this piece NET-A-PORTER did on Holiday style. After two years of living in San Francisco, I still have not even come close to mastering the dress here. Layering and anything 'Patagucci' is usually a safe bet, but alas, I am perpetually left feeling like I'm too hot, too chilly, or too windswept. I'm looking forward to bundling up at home and dare I say, embracing the consistent cold. I realized after gushing over the wool toggle coat worn by the model in the Holiday style feature, I've seen several toggle coats this season. My Mother then reminded me I have a toggle coat of my own back home in my closet I have not worn in ages. Something tells me that baby is about to hit the town. The toggle is without question a classic staple.

The coat shown above is actually a YSL men's coat I'm loving, however the women's version you can find here. Do the toggle!