Sweet Pea

IMG_7900A beautiful bunny made a surprise trip to my nest on Friday with the most delightful bounty. It was quite touching and the perfect send-off to a wonderful Easter holiday in the city. After marveling over the delicate floral scent from my bedside and attempting to preserve every jelly bean, I came to a conclusion: Sweet Peas, may just be, my new favorite Easter flower. The annual flower has been around for over 300 years, originating from Sicily. Characteristically, they are known for being tricky to grow as they are slow to germinate. If you so choose to grow the jasmine-honey scented species, be sure to pick them in the morning when they are fresh with morning dew - their scent is sweeter. Below, I leave you with a poem from one of my favorite pastoral poets about the flower:

Sweet Pea (Delicate Pleasures) "Here are sweet peas,on tip-toe for a flight With wings of gentle flusho'er delicate white, And taper fingers catchingat all things To bind them all aboutwith tiny rings." –John Keats (1795–1821)