Sense & Sensibility: Bunny Mellon

silence1rose gardenWritten by Charlotte Moss, this short piece in T Magazine reveals a rare interview in 2011 with the overwhelmingly private horticulturalist, gardener and philanthropist, Bunny Mellon. The conversation took place at Bunny's main residence, Oak Spring Farms, a 4,000-acre estate in Virginia. Although she maintained homes in Nantucket, Antigua, Paris, New York and on the Cape, this property was Bunny's main post particularly in the later years of her life before her passing this spring. Influenced by the work of many French gardeners, Bunny is perhaps most well known for her contributions to multiple landmark gardens, including the redesign of the White House's Rose Garden. She lacked any sort of formal training, however as she explained to Charlotte, she had this insatiable yearning for her own garden at a very young age.

The article reminds us of the grace and passion Bunny bestowed for her craft in gardening. Below, I leave you with photographs of her Oak Spring Farms estate. bunny2 bunny3 bunny4 bunny5 bunny6 bunny65