Yearning for Yosemite

yosemite yosemite1Architectural Digest editors selected a handful of hotels they consider some of the most idyllic in the United States. I must say, most didn't exactly wow me, (although it was nice to see the Ocean House at home get some adoration), but I did stop and smile when I came across the Ahwahnee. During my freshman year of high school, my Father took me on a cross-country Father-Daughter trip to Yosemite National Park, Carmel and San Francisco. Despite still having some awkward photos to reflect on, the adventure felt like a very distant memory until now. I distinctly remember my Mother's furry when it was revealed I drove the rental car across the state sans driver's license. I recall staying at the Ahwahnee with my Father and walking through every wing of the hotel soaking up every ounce of historic haven offered. I'd love to return to Yosemite one day. For now, this will do.