We Are The Millennials

millenMillennials. AKA, Generation Y. Most experts define the Millennial Generation as anyone born in the early 1980s to early 2000s. We are a pretty powerful group and the subject of many cultural and economic debates and strategies. Books have been written about how our generation could "upend Wall Street and Corporate America", some of us graduated at the peak of the Great Recession (like moi), and we've been bombarded with media coverage from the tragedies of September 11 attacks, ongoing wars in the Middle East, school shootings and the like. We've pioneered the selfie, shaped Silicon Valley at impressive ages, dominated Kickstarter Campaigns and changed the fashion industry via the blogosphere and a modern form of liberal expressionism. I find our generation at times perplexing, yet fascinating. If you do too, I encourage you to read this article in the NYTimes from the weekend - one of many reminders of what we represent to the world.