She's a 10

IMG_8852IMG_8879IMG_8862I've posted on the Sea as a Cure before, and I'll say it again: it does marvelous things for the soul. One of my most favorite aspects of living in San Francisco is the access to beautiful landscapes. I love weekend adventures and this past weekend didn't fall short of that fondness. It wasn't my first trip to Pt. Reyes, but it certainly took the cake for being the most impactful. Point Reyes is located in Marin County just shy of 30 miles west-northwest of San Francisco. The region is bounded by Tomales Bay on the northeast (home to some of our country's best oysters), and Bolinas Lagoon (a popular surf spot) on the other side, southeast. A majority of the land is protected as part of Point Reyes National Seashore and interestingly, bounded to the east by the San Andreas Fault. The landscape will captivate even the most discerning discoverer.

I spent my Saturday grinning ear to ear on Pt. Reyes' South Beach dodging the powerful waves, a product of the seriously dangerous rip current the beach is notorious for. It was my first daring swim in the Pacific since moving west and as I sit here writing this post, I wish I could teleport back to that moment. Nothing makes me happier than salty hair, sunshine and being with the ocean. Post-swim, My Mother and I basked in the sun with wine and sandy newspapers, with the alluring landscape around us....Heaven!